#Nokia phones took 23% marketshare in the UAE in Q2 2017

UAE’s Telecommunications Regulatory Authority published Q2 statistics about the mobile market in that country. TRA measures active devices on operators’ networks, not the actual sales for the second quarter. In Q2, 22.9% of active device were manufactured by Nokia. The most popular (in top 10) Nokia phones were two feature phones, the Nokia 105 with 2.7% and the Nokia 108 with 2.6% of market share. The most active devices were made by Samsung, and they took 34.5% of the market.

Once again, these numbers do not indicate units sold in Q2, but just the number of active devices in UAE in Q2. No matter what, it still shows that over a fifth phones in use in the UAE carry the Nokia brand, and it’s no wonder that the newly introduced Nokia 8 will retail for an amazing €380 there. The brand is strong there, and hopefully HMD will manage to switch a lot of current Nokia users to new Nokia Android smartphones or feature phones.

Source: TRA

via: NPU