Nokia XR20 now promoted without Zeiss branding

Nokia XR20 apparently lost all the Zeiss branding, at least at promotional renders at Nokia website. There are probably two reasons why that happened. The first one is the end of partnership between Zeiss and HMD Global which happened back in 2021 but was noticed just in 2022. All the Nokia phones with Zeiss brand that were announced in 2021 were coming with that iconic branding, but the recent phones that have camera effects as seen in Zeiss branded Nokia phones do not come bring that brand anymore.

Another reason for a removal of Zeiss logo from XR20 might be in the fact that HMD Mobile is still manufacturing new Nokia XR20 models since this phone is offered by Nokia itself in its portfolio of rugged industrial devices.  Actually, Nokia even designed an improved XR20 model to fulfill its needs. This could imply that latest XR20 units might be coming without Zeiss branded camera, or camera lenses made by Zeiss instructions for that matter. While Zeiss branded Nokia XR20 is a part of Nokia’s promotional video, we are yet to see whether Nokia will be offering it without that brand. The reasoning behind this is also in a fact that X20 still has Zeiss brand on Nokia web page which suggests the end of life for that model.

Anyways, if you are a proud owner of Nokia XR20 with Zeiss brand, you are safe and the brand wond deissolve with time :). That brand is there to stay.

Source Suomimobiili