First batch of Nokia 6 (2018) sold out in 12 minutes

Nokia 6 is already a one-year old phone, and HMD thought it is time for a second version. Few days ago, HMD revealed the improved version of the original 6, or better known as Nokia 6 (2018) or Nokia 6 (2nd generation). This phone has a better processor, new color accent and slightly more attractive body, since bezels are a bit smaller. All that guaranteed that new Nokia 6 could again be hit among fans, but till the sales start, we can’t be sure.

Chinese retailer Suning officially opened the sales of the Nokia 6 and first batch of 10,000 pieces disappeared in just 12 minutes. This for sure wasn’t a record for the 6, since the old model used to be sold out in less than a minute, but we will never know how big was that batch. Anyway, this is great result for HMD, and this means that Nokia brand is still wanted in China. But, besides the improved hardware, great pricing (1400 – 1600 Yuan) had a lot to do with the sales. I know that we won’t see that price range elsewhere, but if HMD could keep it close to the entry price of the original 6, it would be great news.

MWC2018 is for sure going to be the event of the year for Nokia aficionados.

Source: Vtechgraphy