Nokia Mobile doing final touches on T21 before the sales

Nokia T21 is the new and somewhat improved version of quite a popular Nokia T20 tablet. The changes to the design are minimal, but there are some software and hardware improvements like HD streaming being capable now and the possibility to use T21 as a second monitor for your PC. There is still OZO Audio present which makes it perfect for some plane old home entertainment like watching Mr. Nokia reviews on Youtube.

The T21 tablet was announced at IFA2022 and Nokia Mobile planned to start sales soon. However, the tablet still can’t be found on the market and the reason for that could be in some final certificate that Nokia Mobile is waiting for. It seems that Finns have done some internal changes to the BT/WiFi antenna that needed FCC clearance. The antenna used for BT and WiFi has been changed from PIFA to the monopole. This is not that significant since both antennas are efficient and designed for smaller devices except PIFA being used more in smartphones. Since there is more space inside the T21, the monopole antenna is used. Antennas on older cellphones were usually monopole ones since there was more ground plane to be used thanks to the bigger shells.

PIFA antennas have the advantage of resonating at a quarter wavelength, which requires less space on a circuit board and gives them good SAR properties. This is the reason why they are used in smartphones which we lean on our heads quite often to make calls. Since tablets are used differently, PIFAs and not needed. Judging by the tests done, a monopole antenna is showing a slightly better performance with WiFi and BT transmissions.

Now that the antenna has been certified, Nokia T21 could be released to markets around the world.

Learn more about PIFA and monopole antennae by following the provided links.

FCC for TA-1462