Stream View to bring new Nokia Streaming Box 8010

Photo of Streaming Box 8010 by www-teltarif-de

Austrian company Streamview, the licensee of the Nokia brand for TVs and smart streamers is planning to update their very good 4K Streaming Box 8000. BT certificate revealed that Streaming View is gathering all the needed certificates for Nokia Streaming Box 8010.  Actually, somehow it went under radar that Stream View has already shown the world its new Streaming box at IFA2022.

The design hasn’t changed but Streaming Box 8010 should be coming with a more powerful chipset and around Christmas for 159€. The new processor used is an Amlogic S905X4-K chipset (Quad-Core Cortex-A55), but more importantly, the Streaming Box will be coming with 4 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage space. Streaming in 4K UHD will be supported beside the Full HD. Additionally, you will be able to comment the Box to the internet via WLAN or an Ethernet cable.

BT SIG revealed that BT connection has also been bumped up to 5.1 which should be able to connect more BT devices like gaming controllers that Streaming View is also planning to launch.

It is not known which Android version will this streaming box have. Stream View is pretty slow with software updates which is a shame. If the updates would be more frequent, their solid products would be even more appreciated.

I am wondering why StreamView isn’t doing more marketing efforts to promote their products which are good. I have been using Nokia Streaming Box 8000 for two years now and it works like a charm. Check our review here.

Source Teltarif / BT SIG