Long after Nokia, a full Windows 10 smartphone comes as Emporion Nebulus

Having full Windows on a mobile phone is closer than ever. Well, this has been said numerous times in the past few years, but now the company Emperion teased with a phone that runs Windows 10 on ARM. The Emporion Nebulus is running the overclocked Snapdragon 845 and there are some connections with the current Nokia lineup. But, apparently, that is enough for the full Windows and a phone that can run Android apps too.

I don’t want to raise some bad spirits right here since we know that Nokia and Windows didn’t go along so well, although I liked how Windows Phone 8.1 worked on Lumia phones. Anyway, the idea was good, but it was too early for the usable Windows on a phone form factor back in 2012. Now, eight years later we have a chance of having a mobile phone that is going to run Windows 10 on an ARM platform, and it is not a Nokia branded phone.

I’ve been long dreaming about having a personal computer and a smartphone in one device that I can dock at work or home and have a full PC, or take it out with me and have a smartphone with accessories or gadgets attached to it. I don’t know if that would work with Nokia or Nokia Mobile that is now fully dedicated to Google and Android One, but as a phone manufacturer, they could raise some budget to develop a full Windows running phone too. Yes, that will never happen, and maybe for the best since that trip would probably kill the adventure called Nokia Mobile, as it once killed Nokia’s phone business ?.

What do you guys think of this full Windows 10 on ARM phone with the support of Android? Would you give it a go?

Read more about it at source which is WC.

Thanks Mehmet for the tip ?