Nokia X30 and circular available now in the UK

Nokia X30 5G is the most interesting smartphone that Nokia Mobile announced lately. Slim body, improved display and camera, IP68 waterproof certificate, and SD695 5G processor make it intreaguing choice for many folks out there that are tired of Samsung or Xiaomi midrangers. However, the price is set a bit higher but you are not getting only a smartphone, but an eco-friendly smartphone made from recycled materials that should last long.

Nokia X30 5G UK offer

After coming to the EU, Nokia X30 is now available in the UK and you can get it in blue for £399.00 bundled with a clear case that costs £24 more. This is the price for the 6/126GB model, while the 8/256 model will set you back £449.00, but you also get a clear case with it.

The phone is available now on the Nokia webshop and it ships within 24 hours after the purchase. Also, it is worth knowing that you can return it in 30 days if you don’t like the device.

Additionally, X30 5G is one among three smartphones available on Circular – a smartphone subscription service designed by Nokia Mobile that should help keep devices out of landfill and incentivises people to keep their tech for longer.

This Circular subscription seems like you are just wasting more money, but you can easily swap your current phone for some other, or get a replacement if your current phone on Circular subscription is damaged. Furthermore, you are taking care of an old device since Nokia Mobile will refurbish it or recycle it to make new phones.

The best reason to get Circular for a consumer is fast replacements If anything goes wrong with your subscription device. Responsibility toward the environment is also something that should be taken into a consideration. I keep all my Nokia phones for sentimental reasons, but I love to hear that old tech is being taken care of properly which is important in the times when massive production is creating e-waste.