New official Color Palette for Nokia brand leaked

Nokia smartphones from the early Lumia era and some of the late Symbian era were known not only because of their advanced hardware but also because of the great color palette used for the bodies. When Nokia Lumia 920 was announced in red or gorgeous yellow, it was a breath of fresh air to the market full of black and white phones.

Nokia even organized one of the best marketing campaigns back then for its Lumia phones with colors being in focus. The message behind it was quite simple, just a hashtag and the word switch.

Nokia was experimenting with nice colors before, and cyan Nokia N9 was quite a bold move back then. many probably remember Nokia N8 and its iodized aluminum body that was coming in green, cyan, orange, and even pink.


Those were the days, but there is no need to be nostalgic since Nokia Mobile is ready to bring some great color palette to the official products in the following months.

The official Nokia color palette for the “Trust it, Love it, Keep it” portfolio was leaked by an unknown tipster. This new moto might become much believable just because of the colors I’m seeing on the document.

The official Nokia brand colors are still the classic Nokia blue (RGB: 18, 65, 145). But, what brings a smile to my face is the strong yellow, red variants (I liked that one from Nokia 1 Plus) and some of the greens. The strong red and strong green might be a bit too much, but we just need to see where will Nokia mobile be using these colors, on some audio accessories or phones, and if phones, in which price segment.

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We have seen on numerous occasions that Nokia Mobile experimented with many color options for its smartphones, but we would almost always end up with black and sometimes with occasional blue. I loved the Forrest Greens that came with Nokia 7.2 or the colors of Nokia 6.2, but I am looking forward to X90 (just guessing here, not announcing X90) in yellow or red. That would be something.