Nokia X30 available in many Nokia shops across EU

One of the main problems of Nokia Mobile is that it takes ages for them to bring their latest phones to the targeted markets. This applies especially to higher-end phones like 8.3 5G or 8 Sirocco back in the day which had a chance of changing things in the market. However, their go-to-market strategy is ill slow but I need to say that some improvements are seen. For example, their latest Nokia X30 can already be bought in some important EU markets like Austria and Germany. Actually, in Germany, the latest Circular subscription has already started and you can get it with Nokia X30, G60, XR20 and their first tablet Nokia T20.

Nokia X30 5G is now available in Austria and Germany a basic 6/128GB model is available for 519€ over the Nokia shop. The phone is also shipped with Nokia X30 5G Clear Case that costs around 25€.

The white version of X30 (the one I prefer more) is yet to be released. The phone is also available over the Nokia web shop in other major EU markets and the price varies a lot. For example, in Italy, you can get a better 8/256GB model in blue colour for 539€, and the same one costs 579€ in Spain and Portugal. In France, you can get XR30 with a 6/128GB memory arrangement for 499€ while 8/256 will set you back 549€. This isn’t that bad if you know that you are planting some trees with the purchase of this phone that is made in a sustainable way with recycled materials.


Do share prices of XR30 from your country and places where you have seen it being offered.


Nokia Mobile also made a nice little promo video that explains all the main features of X30 so check that also


thanks dorso for the tip 😉