Nokia 8.3 5G receiving latest security update

Nokia 8.3 5G is the current holder of the best camera on the Nokia phone title. Both reviewers and fans neglected this phone, but looking at it now, almost two years after I started using the device, Nokia 8.3 is a jewel. Its camera is still reproducing nice camera shots although Nokia X30 might finally bring some improvements there. We are still waiting for Abdulla’s full camera comparison which will be interesting to see. If you can get a new one somewhere today you won’t regret it, and monthly security patches are still coming (almost) regularly.

After being on the June security patch, Nokia 8.3 5G started receiving an August security update. The update is not that large, just some 24.6 MB in size, but it does make the device secure. Users of 8.3 around the world reported that the update is available and here in Croatia I got it yesterday.

If you still hand out with 8.3 5G, check for the update availability and press install :).


Thanks to all who tipped!


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