HMD started its journey three years ago

If you got to the official pages of HMD Global and check their press releases, you’ll see that the first one is dated on 18.05., but three years ago.

Well, this means that Finnish startup that brought Nokia smartphones back to the market is turning 3. This date needs some clarification though. HMD usually cellebrates its birthday od December 1st when it announced that Nokia is going to be back in the smartphone business. But, 18th of May is the official start of HMD’s journey.

You know how things are with three-year-olds, they are cute and fun, but occasionally wet their baf and poop their pants. However, things get better as they grow, so will HMD and their main product, Nokia smartphones.
HMD doesn’t expose itself but rather puts the Nokia brand to the spotlight as it should since it is just the platform that got that glorious brand back to life. HMD started as a little startup, and still cherishes the startup business model, but now has more than 500 employees from all around the globe. HMD’s HQ is situated in Helsinki, actually Espoo, but they also have big offices in London and Shenzen, and smaller offices in different countries. In the past three years, they managed to launch 23 smartphones and doezen of feature phones which is a huge task for them. They also managed to wake up the Nokia Community and made Nokia brand used in the vocabulary of many people around the world.

Dear HMD Global, happy third birthday and speed things up with the Nokia 6.2 😉

Thanks MichealsoftSirFaceFone for the tip.