OffGlobal’s Nokia laptops price and availability

OffGlobal, the French startup that licensed the Nokia brand for laptops, announced new 14.1-inch PureBook Lite and Fold laptops at IFA2022. Also, these two were followed by 15.6-inch PureBook Pro which was announced earlier at MWC2022. Not so much info was available for the initial announcements but we reached OffGlobal which kindly sent us all the photos, brochures and info about the price and availability so here they go.

The new Nokia PureBook Pro laptops come in Blue, Dark grey, Red and Silver colours, are the price will start from 699 Euros (US$ 784 / Rs. 59,085 approx.) and 799 Euros (US$ 896 / Rs. 67,520 approx.), respectively for the 15.6″ and 17.3″ models. The final price depends on local price structures for distribution and retail. OffGloball is phasing the reach and the phase 1 cluster is 22 countries that will include markets in Western Europe, Northern Africa, Thailand and Canada. However, not all countries will see the laptops by the end of 2022 as they will focus first on several Western European countries in the next few months.

regarding the smaller Nokia PureBook Fold 14.1″, this laptop will first show up in France in September in Black, Red, and Blue colour starting from 549€. The classic Nokia PureBook Lite 14.1″ is also coming to France first in September in Black, Red, Blue starting from 449€. Availability in other countries will be disclosed soon.

Since there were some mistakes regarding the hardware specs on the Nokia web pages, do check the Nokia PureBook_full_range_brochure where all the info about Lite and Fold are.