Flipkart India officially teases a Nokia device to make your TV smarter

About a week ago, Times of India pushed an article in which it said that Nokia with Flipkart, which is its brand licensee for television related products in India, plans to launch an Android TV Box in the month of August. Though the report came without any official utterance, yesterday Flipkart on its official Twitter handle posted a small teaser in which it showcases some of the features of a smart TV and asks what if you could access all those features without having to change your TV.

The teaser most probably tends to the launch of a new Android TV Box, which aims to bring the smart TV experience to your TV at a much lower cost than a smart TV. The device may come with the support of Android 9.0 Pie, Chromecast, Dolby Audio, Gaming Apps, Google Assistant, and Over-the-top (OTT) media services. Reportedly, it will also support an output of 1080p Full HD resolution.

The Smart TV market is blooming quite well around the globe since the internet is penetrating at a faster rate and OTT consumption is growing. The Nokia Smart Android TVs are already available in India via Flipkart, but the upcoming Nokia branded Android TV Box would be useful for the ones who cannot afford a new Smart TV.

The pricing of the device will play a critical role in its success, since the Indian market already has the presence of worthy alternatives. “Stay Tuned…” reads Flipkart’s teaser video at the end, prompting a sooner launch.

Would you like to try your hands on a Nokia branded Android TV Box?