Nokia Game Controller 5000 ready for announcement

StreamView, an Austrian company that has licensed the Nokia brand for TVs, streaming boxes and various other products, was poised to announce the Nokia Gaming Controller last year. The device was certified by BT SIG suggesting it is ready for the market. However, it did not happen due to most probably logistical reasons, but now the company is ready to announce it.

The Nokia-Game-Controller-5000 website was posted online by Streamview just before the official announcement. That was enough to get a glimpse of what Streamview is about to announce. The controller will be offered at a price of€49.90, which is not bad for such a peripheral. This device will likely be a good fit for casual games accessible through Nokia TVs and streaming boxes running Android OS for TVs. The buttons look like they are made of high-quality material and there are some controls for Google Assistant and other TV shortcuts.

Actually, the Nokia GameController should not be presented to the public yet, although this could be planned at MWC2023. However, according to the prematurely published website, it should be in stock and ready for the EU market on the day of the announcement.