Withings Health Mate 5.0.0. brings some UI changes and many improvements

If you are using Nokia hybrid watches or bands you might be interested in updating the Health Mate app that keeps the data organized. Yes, Nokia did use to have Nokia branded watches, and that happened a few years ago when Nokia acquired Withings and turned it into a Nokia health department. Withings is now on its own and has been since the Q3 2018. Anyway, the app that Nokia launched is still called Health Mate, and it is serving as a hub for the data that Withings watches, scales, and other devices are transmitting over Bluetooth. In its latest version 5.0.0, the app got better, and now the first thing you see are the measurements taken by the devices. Beneath it are the Withings programs you are active in, and below that you can see the trends in the data. At the very bottom, you get some interesting articles and tips served.

Another new thing besides a new UI design is the Health Insights with the main purpose to provide some persona insights and also some relevant medical information and tips.
You can now also sign in to Health Mate through your Google account which might be convenient for many since we can remember just a limited number of passwords.

The Health Mate app is available in the Google store and Apple store, so do check if the update is there and make the app better.