Nokia T10 disassembly reveals its polycarbonate body

Weeks will pass till the first reviews of recently announced Nokia T20 tablets reveal whether it feels as durable or not as its older brother Nokia T20. However, thanks to the disassembly and assembly videos posted by Techno Rabin, the durability can be confirmed sooner.

By looking at the video, disassembly is relatively simple if you own a heat block that is needed to weaken a lot of glue that holds 8 inch HD fully illuminated screen to the polycarbonate body. After the screen has been removed, all the parts like a large battery and motherboard are easily accessible.

Unfortunately, this tablet isn’t coming with an aluminium body, which is a bit shame, but hopefully, it is as sturdy as the T20. The only advantage of coloured polycarbonate is that the scratches won’t be that visible as on the ionised aluminium. Does this mean that new budget Nokia phones will be coming without an aluminium frame, who knows? The first Lumia phones were made of coloured polycarbonate and those phones were as sturdy as 3310.

Do check the assembly too in case you don’t know how to assemble it 😉


P.S. I don’t know why this technician has a long nail on its small finger. I remember my grandad having it to scratch his head, but this dude is probably using it as a tool, or otherwise, I’d like to hear an explanation why is he growing it (or maybe not).

Cheers to Technorabin for the tip 😉


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