New Android Build makes Nokia T20 more stable

Friday the 13th is usually seen as a date when all sorts of things can go wrong. However, it is not such a date for the users and owners of the Nokia T20 tablet, which receives a new Android build 12 update.

The V2.310 update is 367 MB in size and brings the usual UI improvements and system stability to the device, in addition to the December security patch. But the update brings much more, and that is fixes for many issues the T20 had with the arrival of Android 12.

Android 12 gave the device a new look, but the software update slowed the device down and made it unstable. I had many issues with audio interruptions after a few seconds of use, unlock issues, face unlock not working, UI not responding, etc.

After installing the update, the device became more stable and I must say that face unlock works better now. Also, UI is smoother and without hiccups, but T20 is still not as fast as before when playing Brawl Stars.

Check if the update is available for your T20 tablet and report back if you notice any changes.


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