Nokia Mobile teasing with a new Portable Wireless Speaker

Not so long ago, my Nokia Play Up portable speaker finally gave away after filling up the space with excellent audio quality for 10 years. The speaker itself can be turned on, and quickly connected over NFC to the latest Nokia devices, but it just stopped reproducing sound. This speaker was a result of a great team-up between Nokia and JBL back in 2012. Later Nokia partnered with Coloud to make affordable portable speakers but the sound quality wasn’t even close to the Play Up or older Play 360.

It took 8 years to get a new Nokia branded speaker to the market, and it was Nokia Mobile’s Nokia Portable Wireless Speaker that came with a 3W driver. It was similar to the colourful Nokia MD-12However, that speaker wasn’t present in many markets and generally wasn’t promoted that much or even bundled with Nokia phones.

Although It seems that Portable Wireless Speaker wasn’t a success, that didn’t discourage Nokia Mobile from creating its newer version. Someone running the official Nokia Mobile Twitter account released prematurely the new version of the Nokia Portable Wireless speaker which is going to be 100% made of recyclable material. The design of the speaker changed a bit, but it looks to me that the driver specs might stay the same, although we’ll know more when t gets announced.

The only thing I would add to this speaker is maybe more colour options and definitely a greater availability if the reviews prove it to be good.


Thanks Eero for the tip 😉