Nokia unveils 5G drone in a box solution

The only thing better than Nokia phones, beacons and other gadgets are professional Nokia drones. Nokia, the real Nokia, has unveiled the first CE -certified automated 5G drone solution for the public sector and industry. The Nokia drones offer a flight time of more than 50 minutes and can travel more than 30 km thanks to special software built into the hardware and 4G/5G connectivity that enables automated operation.

The drone can be controlled remotely thanks to the Nokia Drone Networks solution. It can also be programmed to perform autonomous and scheduled flights.  Nokia Drone Networks docking station enables 24/7 fully remote drone operations and charging.

The entire solution is manufactured in Europe and consists of Nokia drones, a docking station, a dual-gimbal camera and edge cloud processing with Nokia MX Industrial Edge (MXIE). Nokia has been working on building an advanced drone networks solution for over five years and now the product seems to be complete.

The price isn’t yet known to mear mortals, but it won’t be cheap. Nokia already posted some video demonstrations of its drones in real use-case scenarios, and Mr.WhoIsTheBoss even played with one so do check that one again.