Nokia Mobile announced Nokia Power Earbuds Lite, Nokia Portable Wireless Speaker and new protective covers

Nokia Mobile announced some new accessories to follow new Nokia smartphones, Nokia 3.4 and Nokia 2.4. Finally! The Nokia ecosystem got larger by Nokia Power Earbuds Lite, Nokia Portable Wireless Speaker, clear cases for both Nokia 3.4 and 2.4, and Entertainment Flip Cover for Nokia 3.4.

Nokia Power Earbuds Lite (BH-405) is pretty much the same as Nokia Power Earbuds, which Nokia Mobile launched last year. The buds are coming with a 6mm graphene driver, have the same 50 mAh battery in each bud, but the battery of the charging case is a bit smaller. Instead of 3000 mAh, Nokia Mobile went for a 600 mAh battery, which will provide you with 35 hours of playtime, instead of 150 what is possible to do with the charging case of the original Powerbuds.
The good thing about these buds is their IPX7 waterproofness, which means they can be submerged in 1 meter of water for 30 minutes. Also, the smaller case size is much better for moving around.

Nokia Power Earbuds Lite will be available in Fjord (blue), Snow (white) and Charcoal (black) color at the price of 60 € starting October 2020.

Besides the Lite version of Power Buds, Nokia Mobile extended the color palette of the first Power Buds to Polar Night and Mint, which might be interesting for some.

It has been a long time since the Nokia speaker was announced, so the year 2020 isn’t that bad. Nokia Mobile is bringing the Nokia brand back on portable BT speakers with Nokia Portable Wireless Speaker. The speaker is coming with a 3W (Φ43 mm, 4 Ω) driver that can be paired wirelessly with other speakers to create the stereo sound. The speaker can offer 4 hours of playtime over Bluetooth 5.0 and has an integrated microphone so you can also receive calls over it.

It will be available in Charcoal color in November for only 35 €.

Nokia 3.4 and Nokia 2.4 will also be coming with a protective clear case in some markets, but there is also an Entertainment Flip Cover available for Nokia 3.4. This Flip Cover is also serving as a stand for maximum usage of Nokia 3.4’s super large display, and there is also a credit card slot integrated. The cover is made out of stylized vegan leather cover and has air bubbles in the corners to better protect the 3.4 from falls. The clear cases will retail for 10 euro, while the Flip Cover will cost 25 euro.

You can check the specs in the spec sheet by clicking the link below.

Accessories Datasheet – Sep 2020