Nokia Lumia 720 Was a Midrange Masterpiece (Video)

Nokia Lumia 720
Nokia Lumia 720 in Cyan

If there is one thing the vast majority of midrange smartphones these days suffer from, it’s probably originality. The first aspect that takes a big hit compared to their high-end siblings is design, in all of its aspects from visually to their choice of materials. Well, here is an example of a beautiful midranger that can even put its flagship big brother at notice; the Nokia Lumia 720, and here is its story:

I never personally owned the 720, although I recommended it to many people close to me who ended up getting it so I have a rough idea about how nice it was. But unboxing my own unit, using it for a few days and showing it to the people I know made my admiration for such a design grow. The Lumia 720’s design is a work of art. It’s sleek, elegant, unique, cohesive, nicely built, and sits perfectly in the hand. Looking at it reminds me of what Nokia’s ex-SVP of design Marko Ahtisaari talked about when describing the design philosophy on the Lumia 920; It looks like something that might exist in nature, with its easy on the eyes yet complex to apply design.

As a student of design, I can’t help but feel sad a little that since Fabula, no phone design language has resonated with me so deeply, and with how smartphones have evolved to be all-screen with the design taking a back seat intentionally, none ever might again. I would love to be proven wrong though, and now that we have reached a point where raw specs have become less relevant than ever (As Nothing’s Carl Pei also implied in a recent interview), I would love to see brands put more attention into design again. I’m hoping that the “Love It” aspect of Nokia Mobile’s marketing will remind the brand not to lose such a focus, as we’ve seen recently on the forgettable design language of the G11/G21. There is still hope for X.