Nokia Steel HR now available in Rose Gold option

It seems like Valentines day came a bit early this year. After special edition of Nokia Steel, the more advanced Nokia Steel HR watch also comes in a gold rose color. This is a special edition of the watch and it is already available to buy over official Nokia pages. While the regular Steel HR will cost you €189, for this one you will have to add additional €40 (€219.95). But, if you would want to buy a nice rose gold, black or blue leather strap, you will have to give 39.95 euros more. Well, it is a special edition of a beautifully designed and highly usable watch after all.


This Steel HR is a much improved version of an Withings one, and the watch is rather interesting. It looks great and it is useful. For me, this could be the watch I’ve been searching for, but maybe not in a Golde Rose color. I love the idea that I can see some notifications, but battery will still last over 20 days which is something that 95% of (Android) smartwatches can’t do. I’ve been using Xiaomi Mi Band 2 for a while and that seems to be enough for me, or for what I want from some smart gadget. Maybe an Android smartwatch is a bit too much distressing, or you just get used to it, like with smartphones.

I also noticed that Steel HR pages changed its design a bit, or just some photos. Anyway, Nokia Health doesn’t seem so inert right now.


Nokia Health