Nokia Mobile ready to refresh audio accessories

Judging by all the certificates published, Nokia Mobile is ready to announce new smartphones, tablet and some new audio accessories. Nokia Mobile released a ton of audio accessories during the past year and a half and most of them were budget-friendly buds and headphones. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to test them since many of them are not so easy to get or find in the market, but the ones we tested showed us that an immediate update is needed. Nice example of affordable but good audio accessories is Nokia WHP-101 which proved to bring great value for the price.

It seems that the top model audio accessories could be released soon according to the BT SIG released for Wireless Earbuds(Nokia), TWS-XPR. These new true wireless earbuds will be coming with the latest BT 5.3 connectivity protocol which is a nice addition and suggests a high-quality audio output.

RichGo also launched a nice set of Nokia branded audio accessories. However, their buds although looking good are available in selected markets which leaves space for Nokia Mobile to gain some market with their audio products.

Good quality audio accessories are important for the brand, and I will just mention Huawei and Samsung which are the best in that area. Audio accessories can improve the visibility of the brand, but they need to be done properly way with great audio quality otherwise they can easily damage the brand by not bringing what the buyers are expecting.


Are you using Nokia audio accessories? How do you like them?