Nokia 1.3 showing up on Nokia webshops across Europe

Nokia 1.3 popped up with the price and a buy button at Nokia webshop of major European markets. On the local Nokia pages of Italy, Germany, France, Spain, and Finland for example, you’ll see that Nokia 1.3 is available for €79. It seems like all the colors will be available, although the black is showed only when you click buy. This is a good price for an Android GO device that is able to do almost all the things that standard low-, mid-, or high-end smartphone can do, and even run many smartphone dedicated apps. This is definitely a better price than the Nokia 2720 Flip (€99) and Nokia 800 Tough (€119), which are running slowish and hard to use KaiOS.
However, the phone is still not available at the online store, and the shipping date is also not set.
Nokia 5310 is still not available at the above mentioned local webshops, but since it is going to be available in Russia soon, we can also expect it here.
I’m not sure why Nokia Mobile didn’t open the preorders to see the demand for this device. That would help the logistics a lot.

The links to the stores are set to check the details and availability. If you find Nokia 1.3 or 5310 available in your country, do share a link!