Nokia Mobile shifts focus to Android 12 for Nokia X20

Nokia X20
Nokia X20 is full of surprises

While there are still Nokia phones waiting for the Android 11 upgrade like Nokia 3.4, Nokia 7.2 or Nokia 9 PureView, Nokia Mobile is already focusing on Android 12 for its latest midrange phone Nokia X20 5G. It is nice to see that Nokia Mobile is back with early beta tests of the latest Android OS updates, but it worries me that their only true flagship still isn’t being updated. This is a bit strange to see since Nokia Mobile was one of the manufacturers claiming to have the latest OS updates among first on its phones.

Nokia X20 popped up on Geekbench running Android 12, which is probably an early build. This indicates that the owners of the Nokia X20 that runs the SD480 chip could be among the first to get a new version of Android. The single and multi-core score is a bit lower than for Android 11 but not that much, which means that SD480 will run Android 12 just as well as Android 11.

I do hope that the SD480 chip will age well and that the Geekbench score won’t decay much. Nokia Mobile did promise three years of OS updates and it wouldn’t be nice to have an ultra-slow phone in two years from now. While it is nice to get the latest OS upgrades on your phone, I would rather have it being fast and fluid than with some insignificant UI changes and improved theme contrast.