Nokia Mobile gets platinum sustainability rating

EcoVadis 2022 awarded HMD Global, the bearer of the Nokia brand among smartphones, with a Platinum rating for business sustainability. This means that Nokia Mobile is strongly committed to sustainable practices in the manufacturing of communication devices and equipment.

EcoVadis is basing its ratings on four pillars of sustainability: Environment, Labour and Human Rights, Ethics and Sustainable Procurement. This rating tells you more about how the work quality is or should be in Nokia Mobile than the smartphone manufacturing processes. However, Nokia phones which are durable and have a longer-lasting battery are a product of these sustainable processes since those qualities don’t cost the earth less.

This rating is showing that Nokia Mobile has a proactive sustainability approach that includes having plans and policies on major issues concerning sustainability.

Anyways, the investments in this type of practice suggest that HMD Global is afloat and ready for bringing us new Nokia phones till the end of the 10-year licensing deal with Nokia.

Thanks Luke Staunton for the tip 😉