Google’s Digital Wellbeing app out of beta and available for Pie running Nokia devices

If you have checked your Google Play app for updated recently, you may have noticed that Google Digital Wellbeing app update was available. The latest update finally took the app out of Beta and made it available for Google Pixel and Android One devices. That means that on your Nokia 7 Plus, Nokia 6.1 and Nokia 6.1 Plus you’ll be able to use a stable version of Digital Wellbeing app.
Anyway, this info made me rethink the real value of the app. First of all, Google revealed that it is able to fully monitor how are you using your phone and eventually make your digital profile. Secondly, do I really need to know how many times I unlocked my phone and should the amount of spent minutes on 9gag worry me? There are some useful things like setting up a timer that should tell me to get off the WC and stop browsing the 9GAG or managing the app notifications and DND time. I could do all of that by some mental exercises and already available options in the settings.

Do you find the app useful? Are you even using it? How much time do you spend on 9GAG?


Digital Wellbeing on Google Play