Nokia Mobile offering discounts and bundles

Nokia Mobile started offering some nice promotions and bundles of its latest phones on the official Nokia web store. For example, you can get a 22% discount on the Nokia G50, Nokia G10 and Nokia X10 on the US version of the Nokia webshop. The promotion is tied to the ice hockey world championship which is set to happen in Finland.

The promotion seems to be set just for the US market, but in other markets, Nokia Mobile is bundling Nokia XR20, its toughest phone at sales right now, with the new Nokia Clarity Earbuds. Nokia XR20 in the UK market costs £399.00 and you get £69 for the earbuds and also an HMD Mobile data plan.

There is also a promotion of a rather good and affordable T20 tablet which is coming with the old but gold Nokia Power Earbuds Lite. There is also an offer for the super affordable G21 with new Nokia Comfort Earbuds for 189,99 € in Germany and other markets too.

I am glad to finally see the Nokia audio accessories being put to good use. This way the relatively high price of the phones can be lowered by offering some neat looking and hopefully good performing earbuds (so I hear).

If you’d like to try the latest Nokia phones, for example, a durable Nokia XR20 which I recommend the most, check out