Nokia Mobile improving SoC of its cheapest phones

While other brands are pumping the hype with their latest flagship or affordable flagship devices, the world of Nokia mobile devices is rattled with a variety of affordable devices.

HMD Global, the licensee of Nokia Mobile, can’t compete with more prominent manufacturers. Therefore, the startup took the approach of making smartphones at an affordable price to keep the business afloat. Many thought that the chosen one would bring balance to the Nokia world, but for now, they are struggling to keep the Nokia name on the phones.

Anyway, some improvements are seen. For example, Nokia Mobile is preparing a revised version of the Nokia C01 Plus with a better and more energy-efficient processor. C01 Plus will ship with a new 22mm process SoC SC9863A instead of the current 28nm SoC SC9863A.

So, who said nothing interesting isn’t happening in Nokia World?

Affordable smartphones might be considered weak, but those phones are bringing modern technology to those that can’t afford more expensive devices. It is crucial that even the most affordable phones like C01 Plus run as smooth as possible, and this kind of improvement should make that possible.

To this day, the only manufacturer that managed to make super-cheap phones to run smoothly like more expensive ones was Nokia, which used Windows Phone OS. Android OS doesn’t like weak hardware but the GO version should help there, and Nokia Mobile is there to make the best affordable phones in the market, and so far, they seem to be doing a good job.

Cheers to Eero for the tip 😉