Evan Blass: Nokia Penguin is a T10 tablet

Danny DeVito played the role of Penguin in the 1992 movie Batman Returns.

Last week, we reported some details of what could possibly be the next lineup of devices from HMD Global. One of the more interesting ones is the device dubbed “Penguin” which is listed as a “Wi-Fi only device” alongside the Nokia T20. Surprisingly, the list also includes several other Nokia phones like the Nokia 2.2 and variants of the Nokia 8.3 5G.

The Nokia Penguin has surfaced on the Android device provisioning services website which details the process of enterprise mobility management (EMM) providers, hinting sales for corporate mobility solutions.

It is also worth mentioning that Nokia Penguin may be the second Nokia device after the tablet T20 to ditch the Marvel character codenames for DC Comics. During its early stages, the Nokia T20 is known internally as Riddler, which in the DC universe is a supervillain enemy of Batman. Penguin is also a supervillain enemy of Batman even appearing in the 1992 Batman Returns movie (and rumored to be a featured supervillain for future Batman movie releases). 

Today, however, leakster Evan Blass confirmed on Twitter that Nokia Penguin is indeed a tablet device, creating an assumption that perhaps, moving forward, HMD Global will be using DC Comics characters to codename their Android tablets internally. Blass also revealed that the device will be called the Nokia T10.

While the tweet didn’t give us enough information about the product, it gives us a little bit of insight, albeit a speculative one, as to what HMD Global has been quiet and busy about for quite some time. Perhaps, they’re preparing even bigger products? We don’t know, but at least they are still trying to do something in the background.