Nokia Mobile has 65W charger too

Not since the announcement of the Nokia Dual Port Wall Charger 65W have so many words come out of the mouths of Nokia representatives or on white. It is Nokia’s first 65-watt charger, which companies like Xiaomi and others have had in their products for a long time.

However, there’s a bit of a catch. This rather stylish-looking Wall Brick, or charger if you will, has two USB Type-C ports that can deliver up to 65 watts of power. That means that if you are charging more than one phone or device with it, the power will not be 65 watts. So if you are charging your laptop through it, do not use the second USB port.

Since the charger comes with USB Type-C ports instead of USB-A ports, you’ll have to buy a USB-C to USB-C cable. But it’s cool to know that this charger even exists and that Nokia Mobile offers it. It should be available in the UK now, though I can not find it in the official store or anywhere else. It’s not even available in the EU, where you can only get a 33W and 20W charger.

Anyway, this charger was announced at MWC2023 along with the Nokia G22, C32 and the rest of the phones, all made from recycled materials (as much as possible). This charger, or at least its case, is made of 70% recycled materials. It comes in black colour, but it would be cool to see it in other colours too.

The price has never been officially announced, but if a 33W charger costs €35, this one could be priced at € 50 or € 60 (but I might be wrong!). If you ask me, this one does look cool and I could use one instead of two bricks I usually carry on trips.


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