Quick comparison test between Nokia 8.3 5G and Realme X7 5G

Nokia 8.3 5G is a good smartphone, built like a tank, with decent processing power and a capable main camera. But, hardware specs cant reveal o really good the device is. You need to compare it with other phones from the same or similar price range. Here you can check how Nokia 8.3 5G performs next to Samsung Galaxy 20 FE, but below you can check the direct comparison between 8.3 and realme X7 5G whose price is half of the price of 8.3.

Realme does look fine, not as 8.3, but it is much more compact, with smaller chin and its loudspeaker grill is at right position. Actually, in this video comparison Vy Vo Xuan also compared, besides the design, Snapdragon 765 and Dimensity 800U, which is MediaTek’s answer to Qualcomm’s upper mid-range class of processors.

Realme X7 5G looks good on paper, and could be posing trouble for Nokia at some markets like India with the extremely low price. But, tests like these do reveal that even with al pair specs, Snapdragon is still a better choice. That won’t be for long since MediaTek is catching up. Anyway, these tests do not sow how exactly the device performs, but can serve as a reference to guide you to the final choice of smartphone.

By the way, if you didn’t watch the video, Nokia 8.3 won the comparison test.