Nokia Chronicles bringing the MobileManDan

The Aussie lads are back with another lovely episode of Nokia Chronicles and another wonderful guest. It is not anyone from Nokiamob unfortunately but an interesting chap that hides behind the name MobileManDan. Dan Carter is running now the site but started with the World of Nokia site.

In this episode of Nokia Chronicles Justin, Adrian was doing the classic Nokia Reconnecting thing. Dan got a few really tough questions which he answered rather well. Dan also shared a lot of great memories from Nokia early days. He pointed out that one of the best things Nokia did was connecting people and creating a community that still keeps the Nokia brand alive and remembered.

One of the best trivia from this episode is that somewhere on this pale blue dot there is a Nokia E7 with Stephen Elop signature on it. Dan was lucky to review it, but he didn’t keep it, which is silly of him, hehe. Hope the owner of that unique jewel will share a photo of it in the comments.

This episode is a nice light audio relaxation that will make your day so just get your Nokia Power Earbuds or other audio accessory and click the link or the Nokia Chronicles image below.

Anyways, if you’d like to know Dan’s top 5 Nokia phones, here it is:

  1. nah, I ain’t gonna tell, you’ll have to listen to the podcast 😉


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