Versions of TA-1207, Nokia TA-1205 and TA-1216 passed FCC

Nokia Mobile certified new Nokia models at FCC, TA-1205 and TA-1216. Those two phones are just versions of the TA-1207, which most probably an affordable Nokia smartphone. Nokia TA-1205 is a Dual-SIM version of Nokia TA-1207, while TA-1216 is Single SIM just like TA-1207. TA-1205 popped up previously since it was certified by the EEC back in November 2019, together with TA-1234 and TA-1212. All the other hardware specs are the same, as well as the dimensions, except some differences in the WCDMA and LTE bands.

So, Nokia TA-1205 and TA-1216 are coming with a WT130 battery that has 2920 mAh, and Android OS. Some of those devices might be coming to the US market, while the TA-1207 seems like a global version of the device. It is interesting to see that the model TA-1211, which is Nokia 2.3, is mention in the request for those devices.

This could imply that TA-1207, TA-1205 and TA-1216 might have the same performances as 2.3. If those models really are a new Nokia 1.3, than we could consider series 1 to be upgraded, which is something new for Nokia Mobile. In the past year we saw a slight degradation of series 8, 7 and 6, which is an observation based solely on the processor used, than this is a welcomed move. Those low end devices are usually the first connection of the people with the smartphones, and if they are laggish and unusable, people will dish that brand and head for another. Nokia Mobile needs to create a reliable low end device, but the same approach needs to be established for the pricier classes of devices.

So, Single SIM Nokia TA-1207, TA-1216 and Dual-SIM Nokia TA-1205 are just the versions of a new Nokia smartphone that we’ll most probably see at MWC2020 (if not sooner).


Source FCC