Nokia Mobile participating in Android 13 beta test program

Google held its #GoogleIO2022 event and announced that the Android 13 beta version of its future OS is available for download. Google was also kind and listed all the brands that are participating in the Beta Test program. The good news is that Nokia is again back in the program among brands such as Mi, Oppo, Vivo, Asus, and yes, even Sharp.

To get Android 13, you need to jump to Nokia’s dedicated page and follow the instructions. The update can be downloaded OTA over the My Phone app, but there is a chance that in some markets and models it isn’t available. For now, the developer preview will be available soon for Nokia X20 according to HMD’s press release.

Well, maybe it is for the best since a beta preview of an OS is usually not so stable and it might cause you frustration and loss of user data when you upgrade from 12 to 13.

The most exciting part of the event was the announcement of Google gadgets which looks and feels like a well-rounded portfolio. There is a decent looking and performing phone, stylish earbuds, a watch, and a tablet, all you really need today. I can only say that I wish Nokia Mobile could take the same approach as Google, and create products at the midrange level of hardware and price. However, we do have a cute little tablet, audio accessories for every wallet, smartphones, and the only thing missing is a smartwatch.

Nokia Mobile was kind of slow in bringing Android 11 to its devices. The main reason for that is the company did not participate in the Android 11 developer preview program. This allows them to work faster on updates. Nokia phones were included in the Android 12 beta testing and that is why the next major OS update came somewhat faster for the latest models. However, there is room for improvement.