Nokia 9 PureView is officially available in China

Nokia 9 PureView is officially available in China, just two weeks after it was announced for HMD very important market. While the relatively fast availability is going to be praised by the local Nokia aficionados there, less praised is going to be a peculiarly high price for the 9 PV. was the first Chinese store to open the preorders for Nokia 9 PureView (April 19), but is not the only one offering it. Suning is also offering the 9 PV (¥5499.00) for the same price even though there are some better deals offered on its page. It would be interesting to see the number of devices sold by JD, and how much of them were preordered.

Nokia 9 PureView has a great and innovative smartphone camera, but there is a lot of software issues following it, and that under screen fingerprint reader is not the best in class. For the same amount or a little bit more money, folks in China could buy a Samsung (Galaxy 10+ ¥5999.00) or Huawei ( Mate 20 Pro ¥5499.00) flagship models that are unfortunately more complete phones overall, with more hardware features, and perform better in some regular tasks.
Anyway, it is good to know that Nokia 9 PureView availability is increasing and hopefully it will be available soon at many more markets.

Nokia 9 Pureview at and Suning.