Nokia G21 announced for Australia and New Zealand

Nokia Mobile is searching for a way to penetrate deeper into the Australian and New Zealand markets. So far they weren’t successful probably because of the lack of good carrier deals and devices that would make folks spend their money on them. But, they are not giving up on the market and currently Nokia Mobile is hiring a Go To Market manager for Australia (Kangaroo not Mozart) and New Zealand. If you are interested, do check the following link.

While the propper midranger is lacking, Nokia 8.3 5G might bridge the gap, but Nokia Mobile is placing bets also on Nokia G21 to get some traction Down Under. The phone was announced in Australia and it should be available just in time for mother’s Day sale. The phone will be available at the official online store and all major retailers and the price is set at $299.00.

In case you pick it up over the Nokia web store, you’ll get 50% off a set of Nokia Power Earbuds Lite which are quite good audio accessories.

I have polarized feelings toward G21. While I definitely don’t approve of the camera module design, the build quality and form factor are rather good. The overall performance could be better, but I definitely don’t like the outdoor visibility, poor haptics motor and camera performance. Since I’m a middle-aged man, I like using devices which are reliable and relatively fast, and Nokia G21 is not that since some basic tasks will be done without any trouble but sometimes you’ll notice the slowness of its hardware.

Thanks Jet for the tip 😉