#Nokia 6 still among most popular devices at GSMArena.com

Roughly 40 weeks after the announcement for the Chinese market, Nokia 6 is still one of the most searched devices in the GSMArena database of devices. Last week, in the 41st week of this year, Nokia 6 advanced four places in comparison to the week before, and ended up on the 4th place on GSMArena’s trending list. In fact, Nokia 6 is the only device from a manufacturer that is not Samsung or Xiaomi on GSMArena’s list. At the moment, Nokia 6 is on the 5th place on the list.

This is a great result for the 6, and shows HMD really made a good job judging how much interest the device caused. I would’ve been a little more happy seeing the Nokia 8 on the list, instead of the 6, because, after all, the 8 is a quite a good priced flagship that has some features that make her stand out from the competition, like OZO Audio or ZEISS optics. In the category “Top 10 by fans”, Nokia 8 is placed at No.7 with 933 favourites.

All in all, it’s quite an achievement for the Nokia 6 to be so popular almost 10 months after the announcement, and it’s good to see that people like the 8, judging from GSMArena’s “Top 10 by fans” list.

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Source: GSMArena.com