Nokia Mobile and Ecology now planting less trees

Since our planet has limited resources, sustainable production is something our civilization should strive for. Nokia is working hard to make its networks and branded products environmentally friendly. Nokia Mobile is also committed to making its phones more sustainable. For each phone, you can also view the environmental profiles that tell you how many parts can be recycled.

In addition, sustainability in the production of mobile phones is evident in the amount of recyclable materials used in the latest portfolio or in the partnership with Ecology, which plants trees for every Nokia phone purchased. Nokia Mobile started planting trees with the launch of the X20, and 20 trees would be planted for each registered purchase of the Nokia phone.

It seems that the number of trees that can be planted with each purchase has been reduced from 20 to just 5. On Nokia Mobile UK’s website, the “Plant 5 trees with this device” promotion is now only available for the C, G and X series models, while the X30 and G60 do not seem to be included in the promotion at all. Does this mean Nokia Mobile has quietly reduced the scope of its partnership with Ecologi to plant trees and offset environmental impact?

Well, efforts to reduce the environmental footprint have been intensified by using even more recycled materials in the latest Nokia phones. For example, X30 5G body is made with 100% recycled aluminum and 65% recycled plastic. Also, the phone has been tested to work longer and it has 3 years of warranty, 3 OS upgrades and 3 years of monthly security updates. So, when your phone lasts longer, it’s better for your pocket and the planet.

This could mean that the funds that were allocated for planting trees were used for other measures such as making Nokia phones last longer, better recycling of used Nokia phones or the Circular programme, where Nokia Mobile refurbishes and resells its phones or recycles them to make new models.

This may justify the lower number of trees planted, although this number should not be reduced but rather increased. However, I am glad to see that the agreement with Ecology is still in place.

Thank you, Luke, for pointing this out!…