Entry level Nokia C100 also has an aluminium frame

Nokia C100 is a super affordable smartphone aimed at those that are short on budget or just care for the bare essentials that a smartphone is offering like Whatsapp and occasional easy gaming. This phone has a removable back cover which means that the battery is also removable. While its price suggests that the phone is completely made of polycarbonate, the latest disassembly video published by Techno Rabin suggests otherwise.

Once the screws holding the plastic cover are loosened you can see the aluminium frame which makes Nokia C100 as sturdy as a rock. The frame has bulks that should prevent any bending which means that this phone is durable. Shame that JerryRigEverything isn’t interesting in bending this stuff. With a 4000 mAh battery and highly durable body, Nokia C100 could very easily be an ideal backup phone.

In case you like to disassemble Nokia C100, check out the assembly video so you don’t end up with some extra screws or parts.

Cheers to Techno Rabin for the tip 😉