Nokia 5.1 Plus launched again as BQ Aurora SE

Nokia 5.1 Plus is also known as a Nokia X5, and now can be refer to it as BQ Aurora SE. Russian brand BQ just released a Nokia 5.1 Plus phone as an Android 9.0 running phone named Aurora SE. The phone is exactly the same as Nokia 5.1 Plus except the color variants and logo printed on the back. The shape and even the shape are the same. Aurora SE is coming with a 5.86-inch screen, wider notch, Mediatek P60 processor, 3/32GB memory arrangement and it will be running Android 9.0. The price of the device is 7 490 rubles, which is around 106 euros. There isn’t much info on how the Nokia 5.1 Plus got reused and renamed to Aurora SE. It could be that the Russian brand bought the design of the phone from HMD, or just rented the design.

I know that HMD lacks money, but selling existing devices to some other brands is definitely not the way to get financed. What do you think of this exhibition? Do you mind if HMD offers older Nokia models to the higher bidders?
Maybe this one will be running Aurora OS or the version of Sailfish.

Via Suomimobiili