Nokia 9 PureView getting February patch and nothing else

Nokia 9 PureView is receiving a February security patch for the tricky 2022. It is commendable that the device is receiving security patches although the news of 9PureView not receiving Android 11 still hurts.

But, there are still some eligible devices like the Nokia 7.2 that is still happily running Android 10.

The update for 9PV is not that large, just 31.97 in size. If you do still use Nokia 9 PureView as your daily driver of primary camera, check out for the update and make it secure and up to date.

Nokia 9 PureView is a nice looking device, and it is the second ultimate flagship launched by Nokia Mobile if we include Nokia 8 Sirocco as well. People were pissed off when they learned that the device wouldn’t get the promised OS update. To ease the damage, Nokia Mobile offered a 50% discount to the 9PV owners on the latest Nokia devices like Nokia XR20 and others, so Android 11 wouldn’t be a mystery for them.

But, the discount offer didn’t work out as Nokia Mobile had hoped. A reader from Russia contacted us not too long ago to tell us that the local Nokia Mobile office isn’t offering discounts to 9PV owners. The reason for this is that there have been many fraud cases with the application that runs discounts for Nokia XR20. You can read the official answer by the Russian Nokia Mobile team translated most likely by Google Translate.

Now the 9PV owner from Poland is tipping that a 50% discount for N9PV users is unavailable in Poland because XR20 isn’t available there. The code is valid till March 31, and folks are rightfully concerned whether they will be compensated with XR20 for the injustice done by stopping the promised OS update.

I hope Nokia Mobile will be able to fulfil the compensation deals around the globe and that the owners of 9PV will remain Nokia device users.


Thanks Alexandr and Radoslaw for the tip!


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