Nokia Mobile CPO: Increasing investment in Nokia feature phones, while having a holistic approach for smartphones

2720 left, 8110 middle, 5310 right

Nokia Mobile’s Chief Product Officer Juho Sarvikas did an interview for TelegraphIndia days before the scheduled official announcement of new Nokia devices. In the interview, Mr. Sarvikas touched on feature phones, software, latest hardware features and company’s Finnish origin.

Regarding software, Nokia Mobile has a clean approach by letting Google’s default apps handle all the basic things on a smartphone and not doing heavy system modification. That approach allows Nokia phones to avoid possible security vulnerabilities because the vendor doesn’t pre-load 3rd party apps and also allows software updates across the entire portfolio.

In the interview, when asked about device segments Nokia Mobile targets, Juho mentioned Nokia 7 Plus as a midrange device that enjoyed “considerable success”. When asked about putting new features in phones as high MP cameras or 120Hz displays, Nokia Mobile’s CPO basically said that the company doesn’t want to compromise on one area to have a new feature at a lower price point, because that could ruin the overall customer experience. The example mentioned is a 64MP camera on an underpowered affordable smartphone or a 120Hz screen on an underpowered affordable device. That makes sense, but the Chinese competition that manages to mostly “have it all” is proving that this can be done?

An interesting tidbit about feature phones is that Nokia Mobile will increase investment there, according to their CPO, because there is a ” lot of interesting stuff happening”, also mentioning 4G and smart KaiOS.

You can check the full interview here.