Selected Nokia phones on discount in Germany

In the Holliday season, people are running around like crazy in search of the best present for their beloved ones. At least that is the way of folks in Europe. Stores are now usually starting to lower the prices of the products, and Nokia Mobile did the same in Germany. If you check the official page of Nokia phones in Germany, you’ll find many phones at a discount for a seasonal offer. You could now head for Nokia 4.2, or Nokia 9 PV, and get accessories for free too.

The deals are good also for Nokia 6.2, 3.2, and the newest addition to the list of affordable Nokia phones, Nokia 2.3. Strangely, Nokia 7.2 is not listed in the offer, and that is not strange since that phone is attracting a lot of attention even though it is coming with almost 3 years old processor.

If you are interested in the offer, do check the official Nokia webpage for the German market.

How are the seasonal prices of Nokia phones in your countries?

Thanks Nokiamob Lover for the tip 😉