Nokia PureBook Pro could be coming with Intel i5 and i7

New Nokia laptops look like a promising new licensing deal. Since Flipkart wasn’t able the bring the laptops around the globe, the French company OffGlobal will be doing that for the EU market. The first laptops to be launched are Nokia PureBook Pro with a 17 and 15-inch display size. The laptops are designed gorgeously with polycarbonate bottom part and backlit keyboard and aluminium lid that holds the Full HD IPS screen protected by glass.

The expected price for a 15-inch model is € 699 while the price for a larger 17-inch model is €799.  While the price isn’t that bad, the only thing that made fans and all interested in these laptops was the weak offer of processors. Both laptops were announced with Intel Core i3-1220P, which is good but intended for entry laptops. Some people would rather like to see i5 or i7 inside a laptop that bears Pro in its name.

That might just happen because David Garcia, the CEO of OffGlobal, said to the Nokia media team that in the near future the Nokia PureBook Pro will be coming with i5 and i7 Intel processors next to the i3 that we can see now. Smaller sizes would also be nice to have. By doing this, the new Nokia laptops will be covering all the price points and various types of customers.

The first to see the laptop are France, Belgium, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Austria, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Norway, Iceland, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Morocco, Tunisia, Canada, and Thailand.

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