Nokia Sleep is a versatile health gadget

Nokia Sleep, a Withings Aura successor that got launched at CES 2018 has some interesting applications. There are some things like it needs to be plugged into a wall socket that I’m not fond of but hey, we keep mobile phones next to us that can easily explode? Well, not Nokia phones at least.

Sleep is interesting because not only it can track and analyze your sleep, or measure your heart rate while you are asleep, but because it uses IFTTT platform trough which it can be connected with other smart gadgets.

For example, when you get into your bed Sleep can adjust the room temperature for the most convenient one while sleeping, or dim your Philips Hue light bulb. It can even start brewing your coffee when you get up, track your bed time in Google sheets and many other things.

I can imagine myself going into bed and not worrying that I forgot to turn down the heating, or forgot to put my phone in airplane mode, or mute.

This is all nice, but maybe the same thing can be done with Steel HR or some other wearable that is around your hand, doing all the things Sleep is.

Anyway, the IFTTT platform is enabling many smart digital devices to be connected and you can easily control them via simple applets that are programmed in IFTTT app and on your mobile phone. The future really looks interesting and would be nice that all the producers could be using the same standard so all those smart gadgets already available could be easily connected and controlled over one app on the smartphone.

Find out more what you can do with Nokia Sleep and what gadgets can be used with it here.