Latest Nokia Pro True Wireless Earphones (P3802A) coming with ANC

During the summer of 2020, Nokia announced a new licensing deal with a Chinese company RichGo that will be bringing Nokia branded earphones to the Chinese market. Nokia announced one headset Nokia Essential Wireless Headphones (E1200), and two earphones, Nokia Essential True Wireless Earphones (E3500) and Nokia Essential True Wireless Earphones (E3200). The earphones and headphones are just regular emitters of a good quality sound, but just recently another Nokia branded earphones got a BT certificate. Nokia Pro True Wireless Earphones or P3802A are somewhat of an upgraded version of True Wireless Earphones, and the letter A might be for ANC, or audio noise cancellation.

The product popped up on pages of Chinese retailer Tmall where the sales of all of Nokia earphones are set to the 21st of October. The most important part about all is that all the specs of P3802A have been revealed. New Pro True Wireless Earphones will be coming in Blue and Black color in a rather bulky box that will be capable of providing power for 35 hours of music playback and calls thanks to a 720 mAh battery, and the earphones will play some 7 hours of music. Earphones will be connecting to the device over BT 5.1, and also be using AI for some clever noise cancellation, which will be beneficial for all the travelers. The earphones have an IPX5 rating for dust and sweat proofness. The buds have 7 grams and 32-ohm drivers, which should deliver a nice sound.
The price is set to 999 Chinese Juan or around 127 €. The price might sound high, but Pro Wireless Earbuds are coming with ANC.

To see more details about the latest Nokia earphones manufactured by RichGo, check the TMall site.

I’m wondering if Nokia and RichGo will be coming to other markets with these products. There might be some collision with Nokia mobile’s Power Earbuds which look a lot like Nokia E3100. So far I like Nokia mobiles Power Earbuds, but would like to see how Nokia’s other licensing deal is doing.

Thanks to Chech for the tip and screenshots 😉