Netflix now supports HD streaming for Unisoc T610

Netflix is a popular streaming company, and even more now since many new movie titles are being produced by it. Nokia Mobile even struck a deal with it, and new Nokia devices are coming with a link to quickly install the Netflix app, or the app is already on a device.

The Netflix app can be used to watch streaming videos in HD on various latest Nokia devices like Nokia 8.3 5G or Nokia G50 but the first Nokia tablet, Nokia T20, isn’t on a list of devices that support HD streaming. The main reason is in the unsupported Unisoc T610 chipset. However, that has just changed, since Netflix updated the list of supported processors with various Unisoc models, and T610 is among them.

I have just downloaded Netflix on Nokia T20 and tested the streaming quality, and unfortunately, the tablet still supports streaming in SD. That will probably change soon, and Nokia T20 will lose one of the main disadvantages important for all of those that like to Netflix and chill.

I will test the HD support in the coming days and update the post (or just write another one). In the meantime, check out what I like the best about this tablet.

Thanks Matti Meikäläinen for the tip.