Nokia T20 tablet gets FCC certificates

Nokia Mobile announced its first tablet just recently and protected its design at EUIPO. Since Nokia Mobile hopefully plans to ship T20 as quickly s possible to the markets around the world, thus making it available for students and scholars, the tablet received certificates from FCC.

We already know all the details about this affordable tablet, but it is interesting to see how FCC classifies the Nokia T20 based on the network setup. There are two versions of the Nokia T20, one with WiFi and the other with WiFi and LTE. The WiFi version isĀ TA-1392, and FCC classifies it as a tablet. But, the LTE version of T20, or the modelsĀ TA-1394 and TA-1397, are classified as smartphones by FCC.

I don’t think you’ll be carrying T20 around to use it as a smartphone, but it is nice to know it will be able to do the regular calls. I reckon that most of the people would be getting just a data plan for the tablet.

By the way, do check Abdulla’s unboxing and hands on.

Anyways, check out the FCC certificatesĀ here.