Nokia Mobile launching T20 Education Edition in China

Nokia Mobile launched the Education Edition version of their first tablet Nokia T20. This version doesn’t differ in hardware from the original version announced at the beginning of October, but it will be available only in China. This means that the software will be completely different since Google Play Store isn’t allowed in China.

Nokia T20 EE will be including teaching aids for elementary schools, junior high schools and high schools in China, and all of the content will be preloaded. There will be support for reading textbooks aloud, translating in multiple countries, and correcting verbal calculations. There will be an independent application store installed and an internet browser. Parents will be able to check the usage time over and app and control l the installed software.

There are some photos released on Chinese social networks that show Nokia T20 placed on a stand. That stand looks interesting and might be a great addition to the official list of Nokia accessories. Unfortunately, Nokia isn’t selling a BT keyboard or a flip case with a keyboard included, which might be useful and increase the productiveness of the T20 tablet.


Nokia 2520 tablet used to come with such a case that also served as a charger. It seems to me that Nokia Mobile is missing the opportunity to make relevant accessory which would make its product way better. But, who knows, maybe Nokia T50 comes with one.


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